Learning Calvary’s Love

Join us today as we discuss love in relationships and the difference between selfish love and Calvary’s love. Does your love come with strings attached and at the price of needing something in return? Or is it an affirmation of truth and a releasing of the recipients’ debt. Find us on Youtube, Facebook & Podcast … Read more

Love Without a Reason

Are you living in the overflow of God’s love? God has poured His love in our hearts and made it possible for us to give it freely. Don’t try to give what you don’t have, draw near to the person who is the essence of Love. Find us on Youtube, Facebook & Podcast www.gracehour.org

The 7 Pillars of Love

We cannot love our neighbors before we learn to love ourselves. In turn we also cannot truly love ourselves unless we are loved by God and learn to love Him in return. Join Steve Scibelli and John Love as they discuss the biblical definition of love and what loving someone actually means. Find us on … Read more