Grace Hour Monthly Offer

For a Donation up to $25:

   "The Holy House Of Truth" The CD Message of the Month from Pastor Schaller

For a Donation of $25 or more:

   "The Winter is Over"  A booklet by Grace Hour founder Pastor Carl Stevens.  "I believe God wants His people to understand what it                     means to plan to be an over-comer, to purpose to walk in the Lord." - Pastor Carl Stevens

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Grace Hour is entirely listener supported. Every gift is precious to us. Please consider 
becoming a monthly supporter. You can contact us at or at 1-800-338-
7060 and we will talk you through the set up of that process.  
Monthly supporters automatically receive our regular offers and other special offers 
made through the year. Your tax-deductible donations go directly toward purchasing 
air time and to equipment and technical costs necessary to preserve the quality of our 
broadcast. None of the people you hear on the Grace Hour is being compensated from your gifts to the program.  
Above all, please continue to pray for us. Our ministry has achieved remarkable results throughout the US, Canada and the world. Countless lives have been changed by the Grace Hour around the globe. Therefore we are not ashamed to ask you to support this radio ministry.